More About this week’s ‘Speaking in Tongues’ show with Hard Proof

Not sure if you guys fully understand the gravity of this show we’re doing on Friday at the Parish. The melding of afrobeat with rock n roll is surely one of David Byrne’s greatest accomplishments. We’ll be celebrating that marriage in several ways.

First, the amazing Hard Proof (perhaps the best band in Austin right now IMHO) will play an entire set of Fela Kuti (the father of Afrobeat) featuring Austin’s Kalu James on vocals…this is not an ‘opening set’ yall. this is big business.

Next Heart Byrne will tackle the entire “Speaking in Tongues” album, Talking Heads ’83 recording that documented the pinnacle of this unique combo: blending American pop with layered afrobeat grooves, filtered thru the quirky art-rock lense of Byrne, Weymouth, Franz, Harrison (and topped with a heaping helping of Bernie Worrell synthesizers). Game changer.

oh and the Hard Proof Horns will join HeartByrne for a few cuts. it’s gonna get wild. Hope to see you all there. thanks for the support!!

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